How we help in Rugby

As well as helping those in the developing world, our project also helps young people in Rugby to develop their creativity, learn new skills and help them to become more employable.


Our project has three main functions: The Crackerteria Cafe, Cracker Radio and our A la Carte evening restaurant. For each of these exciting initiatives volunteers are given full training and work experience opportunities enabling them to develop employable skills. Our Crackeria and A la Carte restaurant teaches people the importance on Food Hygiene and Food Preparation, how to present yourself to customers and how to work as a team. Radio volunteers are provided with a workshop on how to create a great radio programme, how to manage time as well as giving people the confidence to talk to an audience. Some of these skills are specialised but most of them are what employers look for in potential employees in any form of work.

What have volunteers done with their Cracker experience?

Many of our previous (and even current) volunteers have used their experience from Cracker to go on to careers in retail, catering and media. One volunteer has made a career in retail that started from the experience of working with Cracker, another volunteer has worked for a radio traffic control centre and a travel company. There have even been volunteers who got their first taste of broadcasting on Cracker Radio and have gone on to work with commercial stations such as Rugby FM and the BBC thanks to the experience with us!

And if that isn’t enough…

Cracker is run by the young people who volunteer their time to keep it going. Headed by co-ordinator Katie Thomas, Cracker works year round with regular meetings deciding on our annual cause, project location, technical improvements to equipment and our website!

This article, as well as all you’ve seen on this site, has been written by Dan Sambell, Harry Steel, Michael D’souza and most recently Milly Blood who are young volunteers (overseen by John) whilst logos for all of our activities have been designed by Harry who is also a Freelance Photographer, Videographer and Designer. Photographs by Nigel Garwell and Harry Steel.

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