In line with the latest data protection legislation we obtain your informed consent to keep your details on file.

We need these to contact you during the Cracker Project and when Cracker restarts each year!

To check what details we currently hold, please contact the project coordinator through the form on the right (or below on a narrow screen).


We generally hold the following details which are considered personally identifying information (PII).

This is so we can contact you during the project and the age is so that we can give you appropriate jobs in the café and suitable help on the radio.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth/age (DoB if under 18)
  • School name (where applicable)

We also hold details of your interests in the project (radio/cafe etc.) and, if declared, any relevant certification (hygiene, first aid etc.) and, for adults, a record of DBS results.


  • Data is stored on a password protected database.
  • Data is deleted 5 years after your last active project, or on request (by contacting the project coordinator through the form, or, or 07757562505).
  • Existing PII will be deleted after this year’s project (i.e. in January 2019) unless new consent is provided.
  • We do not sell or pass on your data unless legally obliged to do so.