Information for Volunteers and Parents

Rugby Christmas Cracker is a youth project that encourages young people to do something for others but at the same time learn valuable skills and have a great time!  It has been running in Rugby for 30 years and has raised over £300,000 for projects in the developing world.  It has done this by putting on an online radio station and opening a town centre café for 4 weeks running up to Christmas.

This year we will be continuing to raise money for a project in India.  The charity FWH Creations trains women from the slum areas in Bangalore in tailoring skills so they can get a job, earn a living, and so are able to support their families.  It is a fair trade unit run by a Rugby lady who used to teach at Harris school.  She usually comes back before Christmas to help with Cracker, so we always know exactly where the money is going.

The café is an empty shop that we obtain for the month, and serves drinks and food during the day.  In the evening we open it as a restaurant and serve a 5 course meal.  The young people are able to work in the café after school and on Saturdays and serve in the restaurant in the evening.  They usually do 2 hour shifts in the day and can come with their friends.  In the evening they come in black and white clothes if possible and help prepare and serve the food.  They can stay for as long or as short a time that fits in with their family routine.  They are always supervised by an adult who is DBS checked.

The radio is an internet station, which you can listen to live via the website when Cracker is running. Radio shows are best if done with someone else – this can be a friend or family member (Mum or Dad is fine). Volunteers need to come for registration and training which is 1½ hours and takes place in a training studio which is set up locally in Rugby.  A choice of one or two hour presenting slots is available for which they need to prepare their show with their partner, deciding on the music they wish to play and what they want to say in between.   We give them ideas at the training.  We ask for £10 registration fee for the radio as it is expensive to put on and we like to know that the young people are serious about it. Please note that the radio station is not running this year.

The project coordinator, Katie, can be contacted via the form on this site or by emailing Katie at rugbycracker org uk or on her mobile (07757562504).  If calling then the best time is during the evenings up to 11.00pm until the start of Cracker, and at any time during Cracker.

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