FWH: The Stories

Women helped by Fashion With Heart Creations

Here are brief stories of some of the women helped by Fashion With Heart Creations.

This is Radha’s Story:

Radha’s income for years supported her parents and her brother’s two children
including their education.
Seven of them were living in a very small dwelling which flooded constantly and had no clean water or electricity. Radha has risen up through the ranks and is now a capable pattern cutter, and part of the management team. She has recently married and her increased earnings enabled them to move out of their slum dwelling to a house nearer to work, with access to clean water and electricity. Radha has not had any formal education and was unable to attend any educational classes because of her commitments and responsibility for her brother’s children and elderly parents. Al her training has been in-house and funded by FWH Creations and today Radha is a respected and skilled part of the management team.

This is Sheela’s Story:

Sheela is a hardworking and dedicated, working for Jacobs Well for three years now.
Her role was mainly to help Radha, the pattern cutter. She showed great enthusiasm and commitment to learning more skills on the sewing machine. Sheela worked extremely hard in her training and now she is part of sewing team.
Sheela is a single parent mother whose income supports her whole family. Sheela
worked to pay for her grandchildren’s’ education to enable job opportunities.
Sheela’s son and her son in law are still without work because of Coronavirus. There are no benefits or savings for them. Her daughter is suffering with a collapsed lung and Sheela suffers with her own health conditions herself, after an operation in November 2019. FWH Creations was able to donate funds for her medical bills and for her grandchildren’s school fees. She is truly thankful that she has secure employment and a caring team working
alongside her. All the products you buy help women like Sheela to live a hopeful and dignified life.

Empowering Girls in Nepal Programme:

The aims are the empowerment of young female survivors of abuse (including from trafficking, sexual and other gender-based violence) and we wish to build upon education and training initiatives so that these can translate into jobs and livelihoods for vulnerable women. These will be supported by a Kathmandu-based partner, Lily’s Leaves, which provides training, employment and mental health support.

It should be noted that this plan is written against the backdrop of a rampant COVID pandemic in Nepal that can limit activities markedly and sometimes at short notice. This includes restricted travel within Nepal because of lockdowns and restricted or no visits to Nepal for volunteering and monitoring/evaluation purposes. It is also very challenging to export goods from Nepal in the current circumstances. Nepal has been a demanding operating environment at the best of times; in these worst of times we must be more flexible than ever. But we are very optimistic that we can stage a “bounce-back” in early 2021.

Fashion with Heart Creations (FHC) is a UK-registered faith-based charity where the prime mover, Brenda Sheil, and her colleague, Molly Board, are providing voluntary consultancy support to Lily’s Leaves in product design for the tailoring production centre. Brenda spent many years living and working in Bangalore where she established Jacob’s Well as a successful social enterprise.

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