History: The 2000s


The 2000s

As the millennium rolled by, Rugby Cracker continued to follow the Oasis Trust’s initiatives. This started with the Junction Radio project in 2000. The theme was based around computers and had the Crackerteria rebranded as the ‘Java Junction’ internet café and was even reopened for the first time during Easter in 2001.

Since then, Rugby Cracker started to get more independent of the Oasis Trust and the projects we were raising money for. Brenda Sheil a long-time volunteer of Cracker was inspired to go and help in the developing world and Rugby Cracker has supported projects she’s worked on. It started in 2001 where she worked with Snedhadan School in Bangalore who desperately needed new facilities. In 2003 part of the money donated went on to help Brenda develop a project to help girls develop skills to get them off the streets to better themselves. Today this project lives on and goes by the name Fashion With Heart Creations.

There were years were Rugby Cracker didn’t have any premises meaning no Crackerteria or ‘A La Carté’. To get round this in 2006, Rugby Cracker came up with a take away service where you could buy your fix of Homemade soup for £1.50!

2006 Cracker Takeaway Menu

By the end of the decade Rugby Cracker had raised over £150,000 for projects to help people all over the developing world!

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