History: The 2010s and the Present


The 2010s and the Present

The Crackerteria in 2015

Rugby Cracker continued into the 2010s with new young people constantly joining in and supporting the project. 2010 itself was quite eventful as the roof of that year’s Crackerteria premises fell in and the floor flooded but team rallied together to keep things going.

Throughout the 2010s, the young people who help run the group have kept supporting the work of Brenda Sheil and Fashion With Heart Creations. Their work has continued to support young girls/women in Bangalore to gain the skills needed to better themselves and their families. The work that Fashion With Heart Creations has done has put a number of young women into work and there is scope to set up another facility in Nepal in the near future.

With 28 years of supporting local young people as well as raising over £300,000 for worthy causes Rugby Cracker still continues on.

Reflecting back on 28 years Katie said, ‘Cracker has revolutionized my perspective on issues in the developing world. Before I used to do Cracker for young local people. Now I not only do it for them but for people less fortunate in the developing world.’

Asking Katie how long she will continue to lead Cracker she replied with, ‘When God tells me I’m done.’


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