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Where your money went in 2013

In 2013, Rugby Christmas Cracker used its various activities to support Fashion With Heart Creations.

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Fashion With Heart Creations is a charity that trains and educates young women from the poorest and most marginalised communities in Bangalore. Unlike here in the United Kingdom, these women do not have access to gain the skills and qualifications to be able to earn a living for themselves or their families. Fashion With Heart Creations will ensure these young women achieve 10th standard (aka GCSE) qualification levels – especially in English and IT. They will then go on to learn specialised skills needed in the textile industry in the hope of finding employment and gaining a better quality of life.

The above picture on the right is a picture of a typical home in the slums of Bangalore. In one room, as many as 14 people eat, sleep and live in the same space. Family tensions can amplify during the monsoon season (British summertime) as living conditions get tougher with heavy rain creating muddy floors. In addition, families don’t have access to running tap water and instead have to fill containers at a communal water supply which is only available twice a week.

Thanks to your help Rugby Christmas Cracker raised £7,500 in 2013. This money is helping helping train these women and many go on to work for fair trade production house Jacob’s Well.

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